About Storytag

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our site. Here's a bit of background on how Storytag came about..

In February 2020 when countries around the world started to send millions of kids home from school, we recognised parents were suddenly going to have a lot on their plates.

The lockdown changed everything, least of all the way kids would be able to express their creativity and feel connected to their friends and others going through the same strange experience.

It was the second Friday our whole agency had been working from home and we were having 'virtual work drinks' discussing exactly this, when the idea for Storytag was born.

We realised we could create a place for creativity and connectivity for kids through the simplicity of writing short stories together. Our vision being that Storytag will turn into a wonderful library of stories that tap into kids’ imagination during this strange and challenging time.

With our combined skills of creative and coding, along with lots of late nights, FaceTimes and weekend virtual sessions we managed to pull together a site we're proud of and believe can grow into something great.

Every story that comes in has made us laugh or smile in some way - and that's the whole point.

We hope you're able to enjoy it too.

Fritha and Hauke.