How it works

Wondering how it all works?

Storytag is a friendly, fun and safe place for kids to write together. Here’s a step by step guide of the writing process to show how we make sure it stays that way.

1. We have created a bank of Story Starters. These are simple and imaginative prompts that help set the scene and get the narrative going. We group these by age bracket so they’re appropriate for different children’s writing abilities.

2. Once a week we send out a Story Starter by email. This is the beginning of that story’s journey.

3. Now it’s writing time! The email will contain a link back to the Storytag website where your child can let their imagination run wild. We’ve create a list of writing guidelines and helpful hints to encourage lots of fun and imagination.

4. Once your child’s section is complete, they’ll hit submit. What they’ve written comes back to our database so that one of the team can check what they’ve written and make sure it’s all ok to pass on. Nothing they write will be visible on the site until it has been moderated by a team member!

5. Once it’s good to go, the story will be passed onto the next writer for them to add their part.

6. At the end, everyone will be emailed with the final version along with the first names and cities of all the other children who helped make it come together!