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Terms and Conditions

Storytag is a place for kids to write amazing stories together. The platform is centered around our vision of creating a place for creativity and connectivity for kids around the world. That's it. We won't spam your inbox. We won't sell your data. We won't show you banner ads.

However, to provide a safe environment for you and prevent misuse of this platform, we need a few rules in place. We have therefore created a set of terms and policies, which form the basis of signing up for and using Storytag.
Terms and Conditions
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The main points to highlight are:
  • Storytag is for kids, however it should not be used without the consent and supervision of a parent or guardian. Therefore, we ask that you are at least 18 years of age, or have the approval from a parent or guardian before signing up.

  • We monitor all content (your amazing story contributions) and will review every single line before approving and publishing it to the website. We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate content and block violating users and invididuals attempting to abuse our website. We do this to provide a safe environment for you and your kids.

  • Anything you submit remains your intellectual property. However, we ask that you grant us permission to re-publish what you have written - here on the site, and elsewhere. Unless you expressly tell us that you do not want us to, we will always credit you as the author for your contributions.

  • When you sign up, we need to collect some data from you (such as your name and email). We do this both so we can contact you when a new story is waiting for you and to credit you for your contribution.

  • We use some cookies to ensure you can log in with your secure link, to track your consent to cookies and also to monitor the use of this website using Google Analytics. Our approach to cookies is simple: As many as necessary, as few as possible.

We hope you will agree these are fair, sensible terms to agree to. They exist to protect both you and us from abuse and in order to provide a safe environment that is focused on one thing - writing amazing stories!