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Here’s where we keep all the amazing Storytag short stories written by kids from all over the world. Hit refresh to see more! Can you find yours?

Out to Sea

It was the middle of summer. The sun was reflecting like diamonds on the ocean. They’d been sailing for a few hours and could only just see the shoreline. There were no other boats around when all of a sudden...

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The Secret Letter

Before he’d even opened his eyes, James could tell it had been snowing. As he rolled out of bed to put on his slippers he noticed an envelope on his bedside table. He recognised his little sister’s handwriting immediately. “Don’t open in front of Mum and Dad!” the envelope said. ...

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The New House

It was the first day in the new house. When all the boxes were in, Raj ran off to the attic which he had chosen to be his new bedroom. Lying on the floor, staring at the wall, he noticed a loose bit of wallpaper. Slowly, he decided to peel ...

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