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A World Of Dragons

The dark blue dragon swooped overhead, the sun glinting off its smooth, sleek scales.

Isabelle stared at it for a long moment, taking in its dangerous beauty before her father yanked her back down back the cave.

"Never do that again!" he hissed. "What if the dragon see's you???" ...

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Dorothy's Dragon

On her 10th birthday, Dorothy had made a wish that she could have a pet dragon. Her mother had said dragons were too difficult to have as pets, and her father was allergic - but she still wanted one to go on adventures with. She didn't really think her wish ...

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The Birthday Party

It had been weeks and weeks of waiting but finally the day was here - it was Padme’s birthday! All the balloons were blown up, cupcakes filled the table and a princess was ready to make balloon animals. The doorbell rang. “My first friend!” cried Padme with excitement, running to ...

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