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Here’s where we keep all the amazing Storytag short stories written by kids from all over the world. Hit refresh to see more! Can you find yours?

Trouble in Space!

"DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" The hallways of the space station flashed red. "How did this happen?" shouted Rachel as she ran to the escape ship. As the great metal door slid open, out jumped a ...

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The Strange Dream

Sally’s alarm went off at 6am. As she lay in bed she remembered the strange dream she’d just had where instead of being an 8 year old girl, she was a walking, talking peach! She laughed at how absurd it was and stood up. However, when she looked in the ...

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A Day at the Beach

It was a warm summer day and Maddie knew that could only mean one thing: the beach! She flung the car door open and with her bucket in hand she ran straight down to the water's edge. As she trotted along the waterline, her foot hit something hard that was ...

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