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Here’s where we keep all the amazing Storytag short stories written by kids from all over the world. Hit refresh to see more! Can you find yours?

The Not So Empty Town

The cowboy walked alone through the empty town. Dust blew softly over his tall boots. The place was quiet. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky. "It's so hot" he thought as he looked for the nearby saloon to get some shade. All of a sudden he heard a ...

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The Mysterious Island

Once there lived a boy named Rodger. His family lived on an island.

One day, Rodger was playing with his older brother Sam on the beach. They went inside a cave where they were not supposed to go. Inside they saw two doorways, behind which stood two dragons.

As soon ...

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The Mystery of the Missing Head Master

The boys knew they were in trouble. Head Master Thompson didn’t often call you to his office, but if he did you knew it was serious. As they walked up the corridor they heard other kids whispering things like “they’re in for it…” and “uh oh…” which made them ...

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