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Here’s where we keep all the amazing Storytag short stories written by kids from all over the world. Hit refresh to see more! Can you find yours?

The Strange Dream

Sally’s alarm went off at 6am. As she lay in bed she remembered the strange dream she’d just had where instead of being an 8 year old girl, she was a walking, talking peach! She laughed at how absurd it was and stood up. However, when she looked in the ...

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Dorothy's Dragon

On her 10th birthday, Dorothy had made a wish that she could have a pet dragon. Her mother had said dragons were too difficult to have as pets, and her father was allergic - but she still wanted one to go on adventures with. She didn't really think her wish ...

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The Secret Letter

Before he’d even opened his eyes, James could tell it had been snowing. As he rolled out of bed to put on his slippers he noticed an envelope on his bedside table. He recognised his little sister’s handwriting immediately. “Don’t open in front of Mum and Dad!” the envelope said. ...

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