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A World Of Dragons

The dark blue dragon swooped overhead, the sun glinting off its smooth, sleek scales.

Isabelle stared at it for a long moment, taking in its dangerous beauty before her father yanked her back down back the cave.

"Never do that again!" he hissed. "What if the dragon see's you???" ...

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The Wishing Well

I flicked a penny out of my hand and into the well. It make a clink as it hit the bottom.

My friend sniggered. "Don't be silly, they don't work!" she laughed.

Suddenly the ground started to shake and out from the well came.....

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The School of Enchanted Beings

There was a rumour a new kid had joined the School of Enchanted Beings and as the student piled into their magical chemistry lesson they saw that it was true. But this was no normal pupil. Not a yetti, not a werewolf, not even a fairy! This new pupil to ...

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