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The Secret Letter

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Before he’d even opened his eyes, James could tell it had been snowing. As he rolled out of bed to put on his slippers he noticed an envelope on his bedside table. He recognised his little sister’s handwriting immediately. “Don’t open in front of Mum and Dad!” the envelope said. He checked to make sure no one was coming before opening it up. His eyes widened as he read…

By Rachael (Amsterdam)

"James, I've run away to be a Christmas elf, now that the snow has started I will be needed more than ever by Santa Claus."
James gasped.
"Here's what I need you to do..."

By Chris (Canterbury)

“1) Tell mum and dad that I’m sick and have decided to stay in bed. I’ve put a load of pillows under my blanket to make it look like I am in there and set my phone playing a loop of me snoring to convince them I’m asleep.

2) Volunteer to bring me meals in bed during which you’ll have to pause the phone, pretend to talk to me and eat the food.

3) Tell mum and dad that I’m okay but I just need quiet rest for a few more days afterwards.

That should do it! See you after Christmas x”

James got on with the plan as instructed over the next few days and mum and dad suspected nothing. Mostly it was quite easy to do, he just found all the eating a bit tricky and after a week or so he had...

By Prabhanshu (Thane)

Fresh vegetables , home made burgers, hot porridge .etc. Suddenly mom came to check her temperature and James couldn't stop her and....

By Gary (St. Helens)

so he has to act fast...
"James where is your sister?" Mum gasped.

Thinking on his feet James replied " she has just gone to the bathroom Mum."

Mum looks at James but said nothing, she spun on her heels and marched out of the room.

Suddenly ... Kaboom! a large white snow dragon appeared outside the bedroom window. His large pink nose was pressed up against the glass and when he breathed it fogged up the window pane.

"James my name is Icier, I live with Santa in the North Pole and he has sent me to collect you. Your sister needs your help. Open the window please and be quick your Mum will return any moment."

There was no time to think, James flung open the window and watched in amazement as Icier used his dragon breath to breath out and create an ice slide from his window down to the garden.

"Jump James!" Cried Icier.

James, grabbed his slippers and leaped the last thing he saw was his Mum bursting into the room behind him.

By Van (Red Lodge)

"Great, now to the North Pole." Icier

"Get back here NOW!" shouted Mum. But James didn't listen.


James woke up to the voice of his sister saying

"James! James! You made it!"

"Yes I did. What did you need me for?" James replied

"As you know it is almost Christmas, but we still need 1200 more presents and I was wondering if you could help us make some more. It should only take 2 or 3 days which is still 2 days before Christmas, Are you in?"

"Yes" replied James.

Then they managed to get all the presents and they both went home for Christmas and told their parents that they got lost somewhere and they couldn't find the way out.

Surprisingly their parents believed them and the all lived happily ever after.