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The Secret Letter

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Before he’d even opened his eyes, James could tell it had been snowing. As he rolled out of bed to put on his slippers he noticed an envelope on his bedside table. He recognised his little sister’s handwriting immediately. “Don’t open in front of Mum and Dad!” the envelope said. He checked to make sure no one was coming before opening it up. His eyes widened as he read…

By Harriet (Brighton)

He couldn't believe what she had written - it was incredible.

Dear James,
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night (actually it was dead on midnight) and there was a little white fairy hovering above my bed. She told me that she was a snow fairy and she invited me to visit the snow land with her. I have put on my warmest clothes and gone with her. She says that she will get me back home by 10.00am today. Please come up with an excuse to Mum and Dad about where I am. I will tell you all about my adventure when I get home.
Love Emma.

James reread the letter several times before letting out a low whistle. He went downstairs where his mum and dad were sat at the breakfast table.
'Hello love' said mum ' Do you want some toast?'
'Yes please' replied James.
'Is Emma still in bed?' asked Dad.
'No I think she has gone out for a walk in the snow already' mumbled James.
'Sounds fun' said Dad 'maybe I will go out and join her'.'
'No' yelled James.
'Ok' said Dad. 'Calm down'.

By Fritha (London)

James hesitated for a moment. 'Um, sorry Dad. I meant was not right now!'
'Eh?' Dad replied.
'Well, I think she might be... gathering sticks for a fire as a surprise for you! But don't tell her I said so'.
Dad gave James a funny look before saying 'righto, then'.

James returned to his bedroom, glancing at the clock in the hall on his way. It was 9.50am - at least he didn't have too much longer to wait for Emma to get back. He flopped down on his bed and to his shock heard a cry coming from under the pillow. He leaped back up and couldn't believe his eyes, it was the snow fairy.

'Hi...' she said nervously 'sorry, I was hiding waiting for you, I didn't think you'd sit on me!' James stared back in disbelief. 'Where is Emma...?' he finally managed to stammer.

The snow fairy hesitated for a moment which made James nervous. He repeated himself, more sternly this time. 'Where. Is. Emma?'

The snow fairly looked up and started to speak. 'Ok, so the thing is' she began..

By Polly (Kings Langley)

"In snow land there is an evil side and a good. Long ago, the queen put a powerful spell on snow land so they would be separated from each other-"
"Why would she do that!" interrupted James.
"Because, erm, well, because-" stammered the snow fairy.
"Because?!" yelled James.
"Please don't shout, it hurts my tiny ears," said the snow fairy.
"I don't care about your tiny ears, I just want to know where Emma is!" James said.
"Well, it's just that," said the snow fairy, "only the snow queen knows. However, one of the evil fairies has somehow managed to break the spell."
"How!" said James.
"Well," started the snow fairy...

By Gerry (Kings Langley)

"I'm not very sure, but I will tell you one thing, and that is that those dirty cheats are up to something. Also, I might have sort of taken Emma to the Snow Land. Before you start up your yelling," (James had already opened his mouth to unleash a string of rage-filled words)"I would like to say that she forced me to so, and I quote, 'give those fairies what they deserve: a piece of my mind."
"Well at least I know that it was definitely Emma. Honestly, that girl's so gutsy she'd race a cheetah!"
"Well, let's go to find your sister!" cried the snow fairy, suddenly gaining the courage and spirit of a lion herself.
"Wait, I have to make an excuse to my parents about where I'm going." He did, and then they were off! Soaring through the air as gracefully as birds, when suddenly they saw...

By Annika (Cape Town)


James couldn't believe it. He was sure that he'd somehow lost his sister to the land of snow forever and he was not looking forward to explaining that to Mum and Dad.

"Emma!" he cried "Up here!"


The snow fairy looked offended for a second, but then said "actually, fair enough"

The snow fairy dropped them back at their doorstep just as the sun looked like it was starting to set on the snowy fields.

She waved goodbye and said that she was going to try and reset the queen's spell to make everything go back to normal.

James gave Emma a look of disbelief at their crazy day but was startled when he noticed something he hadn't seen before...

"Emma, are those... wings?"

Emma looked over her shoulder to see a set of glittery fairy wings now attached to her back.

"Oh.. dear.." she said "this is not my day!"

The end.