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The Secret Letter

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Before he’d even opened his eyes, James could tell it had been snowing. As he rolled out of bed to put on his slippers he noticed an envelope on his bedside table. He recognised his little sister’s handwriting immediately. “Don’t open in front of Mum and Dad!” the envelope said. He checked to make sure no one was coming before opening it up. His eyes widened as he read…

By Chris (London)


The world famous travelling secret circus of the golden circle has come to our house for a special Christmas performance! The jumping clowns, the daring trapeze artists, the beautiful ballerinas and even mighty Felix the Tiger will be all in your bedroom tonight to delight!


By Fritha (London)

James quickly tucked the note into the pocket of his pyjamas. He looked over his shoulder to make sure his Mum or Dad hadn't walked in and seen Laura's letter about the circus.. there's no way they'd let a circus into the house, he thought. No wonder she'd made sure he keep the note a secret.

He peered out the door into the hall and crept along to his sister's room. He passed the huge bay window and stared out at the frosty fields. A snow day AND a circus, he thought, this is awesome.

James knocked on his sister's door and was surprised to see she was still asleep.

"Hey, Laura!" he hissed "Laura, wake up! I got your note!"

Laura blinked her eyes in a daze. "My note?" she puzzled. "Oh wow it's been snowing.."

"Yes, the note about the circus! You told me not to tell Mum and Dad? Come on, don't play games!"

Laura stared outside, mesmerised by the snow. "James" she said, sleepily "I'm serious. I didn't write you a note, I don't know what you're talking about" ...

By Lucy (Worthing)

"But it's in your handwriting", James replied, questioningly.

They snuck out, back along the panelled hall, watching out for the creaky floorboards, and into James' bedroom.

As they entered the room, they could not believe what sight was before them!

Whilst Felix the tiger had been returned to the wild, where he belonged, the rest of the circus had arrived!

By Caroline (London)

Laura and James paused in the doorway, awe struck, before the lead ballerina walked towards them and led them gently towards the centre of the room, closing the door quietly behind her. As they looked around them, the clowns began juggling in the corner, while the trapeze artists swung between the light fitting and the top of the wardrobe. The children rubbed their eyes, looked at each other and looked back. “Was this real? Could it be that the circus had really come to visit them? And why?” The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed 12.15am. Witching hour. The children, a hopeless mix of tired, confused and excited . . .

By Amy (Wellington)

And suddenly all the circus performers turned into man-eating werewolves! Laura and James dashed out into the corridor, the werewolves following close behind. They ran into their parents room and barricaded the door, but that knew that wouldn't hold the werewolves out for long. "Mum, dad, wake up!" Laura yelled. "Theres-theres a circus in the house!" James knew THAT would get his mother's attention. Their mum suddenly sat up, grabbed a broom and then the werewolves poured in... but James's mum was ready. She swung the broom and knocked them all out cold. Then she threw them out the window and they all lived happily ever after.