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The Strange Dream

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Sally’s alarm went off at 6am. As she lay in bed she remembered the strange dream she’d just had where instead of being an 8 year old girl, she was a walking, talking peach! She laughed at how absurd it was and stood up. However, when she looked in the mirror she gasped as she saw…

By Matt (London)

She was a magic peach, and that meant only one thing...

By Finn (Auckland)

Big trouble! She screamed so loud the next door neighbour came over to see what had happened.

When everyone came into the bedroom they were horrified, so they all hopped in the car and....

By Gerry (Kings Langley)

Headed to the local wizard's house. They rushed Sally the peach inside, and the look on the wizard's face said it all: he was astounded! But fortunately, he knew what had caused this mishap: the Warty Witch of the Westbrook Waters. Also fortunately, he knew how to undo the spell:

By Esmé (Gisborne )

You must venture west to find the witch, then break the orb that contains your dream.

"But how can I tell what an orb it is?" asked Sally.

"You will know when the time is right" replied the wizard.

"When is the time right?" Sally asked.

The wizard sighed and kicked them out with one wave of his wand.

"Well I guess there's only one more thing left to do..." said Sally

By Kiran (Wellington )

Sally left right away to find the witch. It was a hard journey. She had to battle through sharks with legs, giant moths that flew at her face and crazed woodpeckers that tried to peck her head. In the end she made it to the witch's old rundown cottage. When she opened the door she wasn’t sure if the witch was home. As she peered inside she saw lots of purplish white orbs each sitting on their own stool. As Sally wondered which one to choose, one orb fell off its stool and rolled towards her. It was almost as if the orb knew Sally. Sally picked up the orb and suddenly realised it was the orb she needed to break. She was about to break the orb but then she heard an evil laugh. Sally looked around and saw a black figure. The witch had come back. Sally ran outside the cottage and kept running through all the dangerous animals straight home. She ran up to her room and broke the orb. Sally was now back to normal but she would never eat a peach again.