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The Mystery of the Missing Head Master

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The boys knew they were in trouble. Head Master Thompson didn’t often call you to his office, but if he did you knew it was serious. As they walked up the corridor they heard other kids whispering things like “they’re in for it…” and “uh oh…” which made them even more nervous. As they approached the door to the office they took a deep breath, however, when they opened the door Head Master Thompson was nowhere to be seen, instead they saw…

By Isabella (Auckland)

a big box wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. They looked around the room and checked no one was hiding anywhere. Billy approached the desk and heard the box was making a funny noise. He approached it and reached for the string. He pulled it and tore open the paper. The sides of the box fell apart and sitting in the middle was...

By Fritha (London)

miniature pony with a note around its neck saying "Finders Keepers! If you find me, I am now your pet. No returns"

Will looked up at Luke and said "um... what do we do now?"

Luke looked across at Will making a face that looked like he was trying to work out a complicated riddle "it's ok. I have a plan".

While Will was sure Luke did not in fact have a plan, he was somewhat reassured by this.

He paced the office for a few steps, then facing Will he said, "ok, here's what we're gonna..."

"Oi! You two!" a loud voice boomed.

Luke leapt and Will let out a small cry. There was no mistaking it, the voice of Head Master Thompson had come from the box the pony was in.

The boys looked at each other thinking the same thing. They inched toward the box and the fears were confirmed. Head Master Thompson WAS the miniature pony.

"Listen, you two" he said "You were in trouble before but if you don't help me this is going to be so much worse. This is what you need to do..."

By Matt (London)

Ignoring the incongtruity of their feared Headmaster's voice issuing from the pleasingly-furred muzzle of a small horse, the boys leaned in closer.

"You opened the box - now, you saw what was written on it? That I am now your 'pet'? FINDERS KEEPERS? Well, it wasn't joking; I've had a spell placed on me by Miss Flinders - yes, Will, THAT Miss Flinders, who you thought was just the substitute art teacher - and until you two boys are able to break it, I am indeed in your charge and you are responsible for me. I will expect to be well-treated, with plenty of fresh hay and nice, crisp apples, because, let me tell you, I will remember how kind you were to me when this is all over and we're working out the end of year grades!"

Luke looked at Will. Will looked back. This was getting worse by the second.

Despair began to creep across Luke's face, when all of a sudden a wind began to blow across the room, lifting the Headmaster's mane and causing straw to whirl...

By Rachael (Amsterdam)

"What is this?!" Will cried, covering his ears as a loud pulsing sound built.

"What's going on?! Headmaster, do something!" Luke screeched, willing the wind and sound to stop.

"Quick boys, out the window - it's her!" Bellowed Headmaster-pony, as the straw and sound seemed to take the form of a woman

Before they could move however, the straw became Miss Flinders....

By Lucy (Worthing)

's gnarled arm, followed by the rest of her twisted and terrifying form!

The boys grabbed Miss Flinders, wrestling her to the floor and tickling her time-ravaged body, until she relented and released Head Master Thompson from his equine prison.

Miss Flanders disappeared into a puff of rancid smelling smoke and Head Master Thompson returned to his human form. "Thank you boys" said Head Master Thompson, and "no more homework for you, for the rest of the term!".

He finished with a horse-like snort, and left the room.