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The Mystery of the Missing Head Master

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The boys knew they were in trouble. Head Master Thompson didn’t often call you to his office, but if he did you knew it was serious. As they walked up the corridor they heard other kids whispering things like “they’re in for it…” and “uh oh…” which made them even more nervous. As they approached the door to the office they took a deep breath, however, when they opened the door Head Master Thompson was nowhere to be seen, instead they saw…

By Malachy (Dublin)

a crocodile with wings and, a human mouth. “ Headmaster Thompson?” the boys said. The crocodile said “ I ate Headmaster Thompson”. The boys screamed and that’s when everything went dark...

By Harriet (Brighton)

They suddenly felt as if they were being spun round and round very quickly and the darkness seem to take over everything. Just when they thought they couldn't take any more of the spinning, it stopped and light began to appear. Somehow they were outside in a garden and in front of them was a high wall with a small wooden door in it. They looked at each other and...

By Sedera (Paris)

walked closer to the door. It looked a bit wonky, like it had been broken and placed back in a hurry.

The boys looked around them but the door seemed like the only place to go. There was a house behind them but all the windows and doors were shut with metal plates and bolts. The concrete walls all around them were totally smooth and too high to climb.

That door, however, was just their size. Like it was made by and for 9 year-olds like themselves.

Out of options, the two boys moved closer, grabbed the handle together, closed their eyes and pushed the door open with ease.

They cautiously poked their heads in.

By Sarah (London)

Suddenly, they heard a noise behind them it was the evil crocodile!!! They quickly ran inside and fell through a portal and when they looked around they were back in the office they started from with no evil crocodile.

By Lily (Wellington)

Shocked from their ordeal, shivers were sent down their spines. "What just happened?" Asked one of the boys. The others shrugged.

As the boys turned for the door, an evil and peculiar laugh filled the room. "Umm, did you guys hear that?"

"I'm afraid I did."

"I think we should get out of this terrifying office, and tell the office ladies what has happened"

The boys all agreed, and they scurried to the door.

Once they were out of the headmaster's office and they were in the serene environment of the reception, they explained to Ms Miller, the school's receptionist, what had happened.

A small crooked and evil grin spread across Ms Miller's face. "Are you sure it isn't all in your head boys?"

"We are very sure Ms Miller!"

Richmond Elementary was known for its odd ways of disciplining naughty students, but being punished had never been this weird before. The boys learned their lesson and never misbehaved again.