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A Day at the Beach

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It was a warm summer day and Maddie knew that could only mean one thing: the beach! She flung the car door open and with her bucket in hand she ran straight down to the water's edge. As she trotted along the waterline, her foot hit something hard that was half buried in the sand. She looked down and gasped when she saw...

By Kitten (Dunedin)

... that it was the corner of, what looked to be, a sturdy box. Maddie’s mind raced. Why would a wooden box be buried here - of all places? It looked old, weathered; rusted but not rotten. Eager to find answers, Maddie knelt down and began scrabbling in the sand...

By Annika (Cape Town)

As she dug she realised this wasn’t a box at all... it was much larger.... it was actually a door! Should she go inside? She thought. Then she thought of course! She opened it up and jumped through to another world...

By Amy (Wellington)

A world where she was walking on the sky and the grass was the ceiling.

"Oh my gosh." Maddie exclaimed.

Suddenly, a bunny approached her. It was hopping on its ears.

"Welcome to Opposite Land!" he squeaked "where there's opposite, bopposite, dopposite and ropposite! But to visit here you must pay the price. Not money, nor honey, nor bunny, nor sunny, not even fabulous rice. To visit here you must walk like a (opposite) bear, your hands are your feet and your feet are your hands."

"But I can't walk upside down!" Maddie protested.

"Then you must be enchanted to!" The bunny said. He promptly took Maddie's hands and attached them to the ground and stuck her legs straight up in the air. But then she began to wobble...

By Lily (Wellington)

and Maddie came tumbling to the ground (or should I say sky). Discouraged, Maddie sighed.

"Oh, I will never be able to walk upside down!"

"Don't be disheartened Maddie. W can take you to the most fabulous, amazing, wonderful thing in the whole of opposite land!" Exclaimed the Bunny.

Encouraged, Maddie got back on her feet and stumbled after the little white rabbit.

A few minutes later, Maddie and the Rabbit were standing in front of what appeared to be some sort of building. The roof was touching the ground, and the door was in the air. The windows were all sorts of different, odd shapes and there were little decorated flower boxes with bizarre; but yet still fascinating flowers.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Click the doorbell." The Bunny declared.

Excitedly, Maddie pressed the doorbell and all of a sudden the peculiar house started twisting and turning until the door was no longer in the air, the door opened and standing in front of them was a...

By Hollie (Aukland)

bunny! The tallest bunny she had ever seen. Her eyes widened.

"Hello, welcome to the best place in the world," he smiled and moved out of the way so they could scuttle past.

It was awesome! There were bouncy castles, trampolines and animals everywhere.

Jumping along the trampolines she noticed a gymnastic gym, now felling brave and confident she walked towards it, took a deep breath and then flipped onto her hands. She balanced, wobbled and then stayed!

Then she tried walking. Son she could run around the area on her hands. She had so much fun but eventually she had to go home. She made a promise to visit each week.

She couldn't wait to show off her new skill.