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The New House

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It was the first day in the new house. When all the boxes were in, Raj ran off to the attic which he had chosen to be his new bedroom. Lying on the floor, staring at the wall, he noticed a loose bit of wallpaper. Slowly, he decided to peel it back. Slowly.. slowly.. until he saw…

By Gerry (Kings Langley)

The biggest spider skin that has ever existed. Raj was surprised that it could even fit inside a hole so small. Suddenly, he had a horrifying thought: imagine the size of the spider itself! At the thought of this, he ran back downstairs, only just holding back screams. Then, he saw it. He saw...

By Quinn (Christchurch)

...the spider. It was just sitting on the stairs. He had to hold onto the wall to stop himself from fainting. Then Raj realised that this spider had not just shed its skin. Suddenly a terrifying thought came into his head.
"There must be more of them", Raj muttered feeling queasy, then the spider turned around making the walls come crumbling down. Raj decided to turn and run before the spider got him, he turned and ran but blocking his path was...

By George (Christchurch)

The mother spider!

The other spider had been big and all, but this one was unimaginable.

It must have been the size of a house. Suddenly it spoke. "You shall die!"

"Wha, wha, what?' and that was the last thing he said because at that moment he fainted.

When he woke up the most terrifying sight he had ever seen greeted him.

Spiders! Heaps and heaps of spiders and they must of had a special offer on today because they were all the size of cars!

"Oh, oh, I think I'm going to faint again..."

By Elsie (Wellington)

He did. When he woke up he saw...

By Yishan (Wellington)

Huh? He thought. What had happened to all of these spiders he had just seen? Raj looked around carefully before going downstairs. No spiders there. Good. As he wandered around the hallways the sun started to set. What an interesting day it has been! Going back to his room, Raj looked through the attic one more time. Still, there were no spiders to be seen. Raj sighed with relieve. Now he could actually sleep without fainting. He closed his eyes and immediately saw....
Oh no, not again!