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The New House

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It was the first day in the new house. When all the boxes were in, Raj ran off to the attic which he had chosen to be his new bedroom. Lying on the floor, staring at the wall, he noticed a loose bit of wallpaper. Slowly, he decided to peel it back. Slowly.. slowly.. until he saw…

By Rowan (Manchester)

A silvery ancient looking map scratched onto the plaster. He peeled back a little bit more wallpaper and there were words he didn’t recognise. He gently peeled it off the plaster. There were pictures he didn’t understand at all. But all he knew was that it was a treasure map...

By Annika (Cape Town)

He looked a little closer and realised that the map looked just like the new house.

There must be treasure here! He thought.

He looked a little closer and saw the directions told him to open the small door in the attic.

It was only the size of a small dog so he bent down and opened it. When he reached his hand inside...

By Halle (London)

He found a dusty lever covered in cobwebs.

A spooky, deep, sing-song voice instructed Raj what to do.

"Don't push forward, don't pull left. Don't pull sideways or you'll pay a big debt."

"The only way to do it is to pull it back. Follow my way and you will stay on track."

Raj heard but did not follow. Temptation got the better of him.

He pushed the lever forwards and...

By Bertie (Manchester)

Raj Saw a nice old-fashioned Jack-in-the-Box he opened it and out sprung a massive car fine.'Oh my gosh that's my 50th car fine of the year!' sighed Raj.Raj agreed to the strange voice and listened to his every command.The second instruction was to go downstairs into the cellar it was a long way down because his house was a three story building.It was deep and dark in the cellar down there he found the next stage of the treasure map he knew because he recognised the room he had to go into his lounge .Raj looked under the sofa and saw the next stage.Raj had to go into the deepest and darkest room in the house yet.The bathroom...

By Amy (Wellington)

The bathroom hadn't been used for years. Everyone had preferred to go in the new bathroom built on the second floor. Maybe that was why it seemed so creepy. Either that or because when you lifted the toilet lid, you could see a whole nest of spiders down there. For a moment Raj thought maybe he didn't want the treasure. But then he thought of piles of gold, enough gold to pay off all 50 of his car fines, and decided he had to do this, no matter the cost. So he took a deep breath and plunged his hand into the toilet bowl...

He could feel spiders crawling all over his fingers, his whole hand was trapped in a glove of spiderwebs, but despite the terror he was feeling he delved deeper into the toilet bowl and soon his hand touched water. He hated to think what had been in that water, but he reached further anyway, and soon he touched something solid. He picked it up and drew his hand out of the toilet. He was holding a single gold coin.