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The New House

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It was the first day in the new house. When all the boxes were in, Raj ran off to the attic which he had chosen to be his new bedroom. Lying on the floor, staring at the wall, he noticed a loose bit of wallpaper. Slowly, he decided to peel it back. Slowly.. slowly.. until he saw…

By Greg (Twickenham)

a portal, so he went through it to find a land consisting of ONLY sugar and sweets!

By Kasih (Mangawhai )

''I think it's time for sugar ''he said to himself. So he went in and stuffed a mouth full of sweets .''Mmm that was delicious'' he said . He was just about to get out of the sweet land but the portal started to shrink and shrink until it was gone . Raj was now stuck . He yelled for help but no one answered except...

By Lily (Wellington)

He was not alone. Sounds started coming from behind a giant candy cane tree making the sound that lolly wrappers make when they are being trampled on. Raj thought to himself, who or what could be in this portal, and why?

Slowly and cautiously, Raj scurried his way over to the towering, red and white striped candy cane tree.

"Hello, anybody h..e..r.. woah." Before Raj could finish his sentence, he tripped over a gobstopper rock, and feel into what appeared to be a hole.

Raj was now plummeting at a great speed. With both arms hugged tight around his body, he braced and got ready for the impact of hitting the ground. BANG!

Raj hit the ground. He was not in Candyland anymore, but the complete opposite. It was dark and gloomy and the air was musty and damp. Chills shivered down Raj's spine.

Suddenly, a light appeared in the gloom and he could make out what appeared to be, well broccoli. That's when Raj realised he had stumbled his way into the land of vegetables!

By Bella (Chch)

Raj SCREAMED at the top of his lungs he turned around and the portal was gone!

He saw something run pass him. He looked and it was a girl he said "hello? wait, MIA! How did you get down here?" Then Mia said "BROTHER! Watch out!"

Raj turned around and the was a MASSIVE Tomato, the tomato said....

By Anna (Richmond, Richmond)

You come from the Land of the Eaters, so for a Change we will EAT YOU. Raj and Mia started running. They ran into a forest of tall trees on either side.

Suddenly the trees moved slowly blocking the entrance and exit and both sides the were stuck, then a voice came calm and slow from one of the Trees.

"We are the Broccolis we will help you"

Mia and Raj sighed with relief. Then the Broccolis spook again "with a price".

Their sigh turned to a gasp.

"What sort of price said Raj?"

Slowly one of the trees, said "don't ever eat vegetables again!"

Mia looked at Raj with a happy expression on her face. "We don't need to eat Vegetables" she yelped.

Raj turned to one of the Broccolis and answered with a "Yes". Then a portal opened and they were in the attic.

From downstairs their mothers voice yelled "dinner time! It's your favourite vegetable curry!"

Raj looked at Mia and they laughed.

The end.