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The School of Enchanted Beings

There was a rumour a new kid had joined the School of Enchanted Beings and as the student piled into their magical chemistry lesson they saw that it was true. But this was no normal pupil. Not a yetti, not a werewolf, not even a fairy! This new pupil to join could only be described as…

By Saronaran (Berkeley)

A human!!! It had long, spindley arms that ended in blunt claws, no wings, the only fur that it had was on its head, and it was pinkish! It was terrifying!

"Aaaaahh!!!" screamed the class.

"Now, class, is that any way to— aaahhh! What is that!?" yelled the teacher....

By Polly (Kings Langley)

"I am a human and I would much rather you wouldn't scream at me! It is quite rude! Do you do this to every new student?"

Finding her voice, the teacher said...

By Ana (Auckland)

You shouldn't even be in this school! said the teacher

By Kahlimae (Nelson)

The human who’s name was Lily ran out of the room bursting into tears since the moment she stepped into her new school she was constantly stared at as she hid away in the bathroom wishing she could go home suddenly....

By Van (Red Lodge)

A bolt of lightning struck her and all of a sudden she was back in her home she ran to her parents and they went to a new school and she lived happily ever after.