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The Birthday Party

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It had been weeks and weeks of waiting but finally the day was here - it was Padme’s birthday! All the balloons were blown up, cupcakes filled the table and a princess was ready to make balloon animals. The doorbell rang. “My first friend!” cried Padme with excitement, running to the door. She flung it open but to her surprise standing in the doorway was…

By Lucy (Worthing)

a large Irish lady with a toothy grin. She introduced herself as Miss Erin and walked into the house.

They went into the lounge and Miss Erin pulled something out of her bag.

Padme asked Miss Erin what it was.

She replied "this is a magical music box...!"

When she opened it up...

By Halle (London)

Rainbows and glitter flooded into the room and out came puppies playing pianos, two T-rexes tapping triangles and a badger bopping on the bongoes.

"Is that for me?" asked Padme

"Yes child. I heard it was your special sixth birthday. I got one of these from my mother when I was six!"

"Where did you get it from, Miss Erin?"

"I can't share everything, but what I CAN tell you is..."

By Prabhanshu (Thane)

"This magical box can take out anything by singing out aloud" said Miss Erin.

Suddenly it sang something. By hearing it Padme and Miss Erin were horrified, it was...

By Jesse (London)

the worst sound anyone has ever heard! Like a car screeching over a squished squirrel.
Then a giant spider crawled out of the box and started chasing them down the corridor and into the garden.
Everyone started running and then something even worse came out of the box.
It was....

By Zoe (Christcurch)

the girl's worst nightmare: clowns!

Padme ran around in circles screaming her head off. But everyone else was suddenly calm. They had realised that this was the party that her mum and dad had ordered online.

They thought that their order for a 6 year old party didn't work, but clearly it did.

There was animals playing music all around them, there was clowns who were juggling in time with the music and all Padme's guests were starting to arrive.

It all turned out to be the best party ever (after Padme got over her fear of the clowns).