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The Not So Empty Town

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The cowboy walked alone through the empty town. Dust blew softly over his tall boots. The place was quiet. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky. "It's so hot" he thought as he looked for the nearby saloon to get some shade. All of a sudden he heard a sound coming from behind him...

By Fritha (London)

He spun around and saw a cow girl.

“What’s your name?” he said.

“Cassandra the cow girl” she replied “how about you?”

“I’m Barney”.

Barney and Cassandra decided they would be friends and explore the town together.

They walked past an abandoned building and looked out into the open desert.

On the horizon they saw...

By Annabelle (Christchurch)

A herd of horses bolting towards them. Dust flew like it was making a tornado as the horses picked up speed. Barney and Cassandra looked at each other with horror.

"Run!" Cassandra shouted. Barney was already running. They weren't fast enough, they got trampled as the horses ran through the town. Barney got out his whip and swung it round and round until it got enough speed, and swung it around one of the horses and pulled himself on to the horses back.
The horses was black with a white blaze and muzzle.

"Cassandra!" Barney shouted."Barney!" shouted Cassandra...

By Thomas (Wellington)

Then all of a sudden it started raining. One of the horses slipped into a puddle and another. Now it was pouring with rain. Barney raced off on the uncontrollable horse. Cassandra tried to get on but her foot slipped on the wet ground. Barney looked back he struggled trying to get off the horse. But no, the horse was not turning back now. Barney realised that Cassandra was alone in the pouring rain. Then a mysterious figure emerged from a house in the town...

By Gaye (Tauranga)

The figure completely dressed in black ran out in front of the uncontrollable horse and shouted “Stop!”
The horse stopped so quickly that Barney fell off. Picking himself up, he said to his rescuer.
'Thanks mate, now I need to get back and help my friend, can you lend me a horse who obeys his rider?”

By Kasih (Mangawhai )

''Yea mate ,I've got one out the back ''. Barney leapt on to the horse that was named Custard and raced off to find Cassandra . Cassandra was resting on the barren ground while calling for help then suddenly she spotted a horse speeding towards her, and she realised it was her new friend Barney . Barney was relieved so see Cassandra being alive .