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The Not So Empty Town

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The cowboy walked alone through the empty town. Dust blew softly over his tall boots. The place was quiet. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky. "It's so hot" he thought as he looked for the nearby saloon to get some shade. All of a sudden he heard a sound coming from behind him...

By Annika (Cape Town)

it was a huge bull the size of a house.

ahhhhhh !!! he screamed.

He was so scared and could not find his horse and there was no one in the town.

He did not know what to do.

The bull started to run at him...

By Lucy (Worthing)

The cowboy, Martin, planted his feet firmly onto the ground. He stared deep into the bull's eyes, speaking to it with his mind, and letting it know that he was a friend.

The bull opened its mouth, and unexpectedly said, "Howdy, I'm Joelle! Where shall we go to today? P.s. I'm allergic to nuts, so please be careful"...

By Ben (Leeds)

Martin nervously replied, “errr. I’m allergic to nuts too.”

In his younger years, Martin had been known to have ridden a few bulls at the local rodeo, but nothing could have prepared him to ride a bull the size of this one. He clambered up onto the steps outside the Saloon and slowly put one leg across the back of the bull to ride out of this tumbleweed town. Joelle had seemed to lower himself down onto is knees to make it easier.

Martin whispered into Joelle’s huge ear - which was as big as Martin’s head “let’s take you back to your home and find you some tasty grass to eat.”

Then a sparkle came across the cowboy’s eyes. And he added “but first there is something we must do....”

By Elsie (Wellington)

He needed milk. So they went to the...

By Amy (Wellington)

local dairy. You see, Joelle had just told Martin that actually this was NOT an empty town, instead it was a town full of Bulls Of Unusual Size! So when they went to the dairy Martin saw a huge bull party!!! Martin and Joelle stayed for the party before buying a carton of milk and riding back into the Wild West!