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Trouble in Space!

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"DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" The hallways of the space station flashed red. "How did this happen?" shouted Rachel as she ran to the escape ship. As the great metal door slid open, out jumped a ...

By Lucy (Worthing)

girl, the exact image of herself! It was like looking in the mirror: the red, bouncy hair, to the little birthmark on her left ear.

She staggered back, in disbelief at the mirror image ahead of her.

"Hi Rachel" said the reflection, "long time no see!".

Rachel could barely think.

She eventually found the words, and asked "what...or who, are you", her voice quivering.

"I'm the other you" her lookalike replied. "You can call me Leslie. Let me explain..."

By George (Christchurch)

"So when we were little toddlers Earthlings came to our planet and robbed us of all that we had including you!"

"Wait, hold up. So your saying that i'm an alien from outer space!" said Rachel.

"You're more than that. You were the next in line for the throne. But when you were taken away they had no one to be the queen so they made an exact mirror image of you and gave me all your memories and Earth must of wiped yours." said her doppelganger.

"I'm a flipping princesses and no one told me!" shouted Rachel.

"Pretty much" said her twin

"But why are you here?" asked Rachel.

"To get you dummy..."

By Ana (Auckland)

"So you're saying you are going to take me back to your alien planet!? and don't call me

dummy!" shouted Rachel.

"yep!" said the exact image of her

"You are not taking me!" said Rachel again.

"Oh yes I am!"

"OK. I'll go back to your planet and tell them I don't want to go! If they say I need to then you can try living here. If I don't need to then I can stay here in peace. Is that clear?" said Rachel.

"Well, ok"

"Good. Let's go. You're freaking me out that I have a twin!" said Rachel.

So Rachel went with the image to see how she got here.

They went to an invisible spaceship!

"Wow!" said Rachel.

"I know right! I want to show you what it looks like!" said the image.

"OK" said Rachel nervously.

Then the twin went in and quickly grabbed her hand. She put her on a seat, stuck her to it with a glue seat belt and took her back to the planet!!!....

By Ida (Christchurch )

This planet was unknown. Strange lava based circular planet in the out skirts of the Whirlpool Galaxy...........

By Annabelle (Christchurch)

Later that day they had arrived at Rachel's old planet.
"Welcome to Possibility"said Leslie.
"Wait! My planet is called Possibility" Rachel said surprised.
"Yip" said Leslie like Rachel had asked a question.
"I didn't ask a question, I was surprised" said Rachel.
"Oh" said Leslie.
"All hail the princess" said the aliens that live on the planet.
"Moon!" cried an alien that looked a lot like her.
"She is your mum" said Leslie
"Oh"said Rachel.
"You must come to the throne room" said her mum.
"Okay" said Rachel. They walked to the throne room and Rachel saw two thrones. "Why are there two thrones?" Rachel asked.
"Because there is one for me and one for you" said her mum.
"Why did you call me Moon?" Rachel asked.
"Because that's your name" said her mum.
"Oh"said Rachel.
"I heard you lived on Earth," said her mum, "so do you want to live here with me or on Earth".
"I think here" said Rachel.
They walked outside to hear: "Whop! yay! wop-wop! yay!“