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Trouble in Space!

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"DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" The hallways of the space station flashed red. "How did this happen?" shouted Rachel as she ran to the escape ship. As the great metal door slid open, out jumped a ...

By Hollie (Aukland)

A big strong horse, his body the colour of coal and his eyes were brown and glistening. His nose was flaring and he was stomping his foot, suddenly Rachel noticed a heart shaped patch of white on his chest..

"Pepper" she whispered her voice shaking.

Pepper was Rachael's horse that she had at home that she had first learned to ride.

"What has happened to your beautiful chestnut coat?" she said softly.

"Why is the ship broken then? Did the horse do it?!" a man yelled. "Is anyone aware that we are on a broken ship and could run out of air any second!" he yelled again.

Now we had a broken ship and a very angry looking horse.

All Rachel could remember was training and auditioning for a chance to go to space, now this?......

By Annika (Cape Town)

She turned to Pepper and whispered "can you still talk to me?" - you see, her horse Pepper had been magical and knew how to speak to humans.
Pepper looked back at her, suddenly not so distressed and winked. Good, thought Rachel, he's heard me. Maybe he just doesn't want to talk in front of all these crazy grown ups.

She decided to cause a distraction so she would be able to get them out of the control room and she could talk to Pepper.

"I think you need to start the back up engine! It's at the other end of the ship! I'll take care of this horse! Go!!!"

The man who had been yelling ran off and was followed by some of the crew.

Now they were alone.

"OK Pepper. Can you tell me exactly what is going on? Why did you run away all those years ago? But first things first. How are you out here in space?"

Pepper looked to see that the coast was clear. He snorted, cleared his throat and said....

By Valentina (Auckland)

"I'm here because I wanted to warn you. I could sense something would go wrong and I wanted to protect you."

Rachel's eyes filled with tears as she held the horse close to her. "Why did you ever leave me??!?" she cried into Pepper's chest.

"There's no time for that now. We have to fix the ship before we all die!" said Pepper, already making his way swiftly out of the room.

"Right" said Rachel and she followed him.

She had a sick feeling in her stomach and she knew things would only get worse. She hated not having control about what was going to happen, but what she hated even more was the thought of Pepper leaving her again.

What was she supposed to do?

By Ava (Christchurch)

The space ship was hazardous and they were in a lot of danger. It could run out of air and then what would happen to Pepper?

Since she was magical did that mean she could survive without air? Could she share her magical ability with a few people? Rachel would just have to ask...

By Kiran (Wellington )

Pepper and Rachel ran to the control room but they could see it was no use. There had been an electrical shockwave and the controls were completely fried!

Pepper sighed and said “there is only one option left. I will need to create a portal to my home world. But this won’t be easy and there is a chance I might pass out”.

Rachel was very worried. She had just got Pepper back and now she might lose him again, and they still might not get off the ship.

Pepper went super quiet and a small ball appeared and exploded into a portal. Rachel and the adults ran through it quickly because Pepper couldn’t keep it open for a long time.

Rachel looked back and called to Pepper “hurry Pepper before the portal closes”. Pepper ran through the portal at the last minute. Phew!

Rachel and Pepper lived on Pepper’s home world for the next millennia. Rachel was so happy as she got to live with lots of magical horses.

The end.