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Dorothy's Dragon

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On her 10th birthday, Dorothy had made a wish that she could have a pet dragon. Her mother had said dragons were too difficult to have as pets, and her father was allergic - but she still wanted one to go on adventures with. She didn't really think her wish would come true and in the weeks that followed forgot all about it... so you can only imagine her shock when she received a letter from The Royal Dragon Agency saying...

By Lucy (Worthing)

"Congratulations Dorothy! You have been selected from thousands of youngsters to have the first and only dragon baby, born during this dragon season". Dorothy could not believe her eyes, and ran down the creaky old stairs to tell her mother & father.

On hearing the news, Dot's father rolled his eyes & let out a gentle moan. Her mother's eyes gleaned with excitement, however, at the thought of having a brand new baby dragon in the house, despite her initial reluctance. Not since her own childhood in Congleton had she laid eyes upon a dragon.

Finally the day of the visit to The Royal Dragon agency arrived...

By Gerry (Kings Langley)

“Hello, Dorothy, I presume?” asked a well-dressed man at the door.
“Yes! That’s me, I’m Dorothy!” cried Dorothy eagerly. “Do you know where the dragon is? I’d really like to see-”
“We apologise for our daughter’s impatience, sir,” interrupted Dorothy’s father. He turned to Dorothy. “Now, darling, you must be patient, or else the dragon might not want to come home with you.”
Upon hearing this, Dorothy’s mouth, having been slack the whole time, snapped shut as the lid of a heavy box might.
“Now, Madam, if you would like to come through here to receive your dragon...” asked the well-dressed man...

By Zoe (Christcurch)

Dorothy stepped through the massive doorway. The dragons must be huge, she thought, why else would they need such big doors? The building was full of gigantic stuffed dragons that towered above Dorothy's head.

She looked over at her mother and father. She was starting to worry that the dragon, that she was about to be given, was going to be huge. Dorothy was expecting a baby dragon after all.

She continued up to the counter where there was an old man talking quietly on the phone to someone. He looked up and saw them. Dorothy expected to be told to wait until he was finished on the phone. But no, he just put the phone down mid conversation.

"Don't worry you didn't interrupt, there is no one there I'm just talking on the phone to nobody." said the old man. "Now how can I help you? I presume you have come here for a bunny. I'm just kidding, sorry am I talking too much? Please have a look at these pictures, this will help us decide what kind of dragon will suit you..."

By Amy (Wellington)

The man showed Dorothy a series of pictures... and she was astounded to see that all the dragons, every single one of them, looked exactly like colourful-painted bunnies...

"Hang on...these aren't dragons!" Dorothy yelled. "These are just poorly disguised bunnies! And I bet that you have the real dragons and are just trying to get money!"

The man's jaw dropped.

After a moment, he spoke again. "No!" He croaked. "Foiled again! Now I'll never rule the world! But hand on... I still have the advantage! I still have the DRAGONS!!!!!!"

Then the man ran away to his car.

"We've got to follow him!" Dorothy declared...

By Anna (Richmond, Richmond)

As she started to run after the man. Her hair flying behind her.

She followed him all the way to the Queens Castle. How could the Queen be part of this she thought. But continued to follow. He stepped out of the car then rushed inside without even looking.

Dorothy sneaked the the big oak door happy to see it wasnt completely closed. She peered through the crack and to her surprise 10 Dragons were sleeping around a throne and a top the throne was . . .

The Queen! She was old and wrinkly and had her hair pulled into a bun.

But as the old man reached her throne and they held hands she and him, transformed into two beautiful Dragons and they flew off into the sky and were never seen again.

Dorothy did get her dream though, because two weeks later a baby Dragon got dropped at her doorstep with a letter that said.

"You were the chosen one".

The end.