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The Land Far, Far Away

One day some kids were playing football in the school field at the weekend and they saw some of their teachers in cloaks walk in to the school hall.

So they decided to check it out...

By Aine (Christchurch)

They crept inside but one of the teachers heard the creak and turned around! Just then one of the kids pulled everyone out of sight and under a table. Luckily the teacher didn't see anythin, so she turned back around. Then the teachers started to go upstairs into the school's attic and seeing as children have a little more bravery than the average adult they went up to that dusty old place as well...

By Annabelle (Christchurch)

When they got to the attic they saw kids! Kids in cages!

So this is really where all the sick kids were...

"Well the teachers said they were sick" whispered one of the kids.

"They look pretty sick to me!" another kid whispered back.

The kids were very pale and it looked like some of the kids had no colours in their eyes.

"Why do they look so creepy?" said the other kid "is that a portal?"

By Annika (Cape Town)

One of the creepy looking kids who was a girl named Karla made eye contact with the group who had snuck into the attic. Karla winked and gave a thumbs up sign to show them that she was friendly and only looked scary because they’d been locked up for so long!! She mouthed “will you help us break free?”
The kids nodded.
When the teachers weren’t looking, they got a little closer to the cage. Karla and some of the other cage kids (Jesse, Kimberly and Roberto) explained that the teachers had locked them up because they wanted to use them for an experiment to see if they could turn them into bunnies! But it hadn’t worked and so they were now stuck here because the teachers didn’t know what to do with them!
“Ok” said one of the kids (named Joanna) “let’s get you out and get them back!!”
They wrestled with the lock and finally got them out. There were now 10 kids and only 4 teachers (who still hadn’t noticed a thing!)
Time to get even...

By Sofia (Auckland)

They noticed a real bunny in a cage, which they got quietly and put down behind one of the teachers.

He turned round and yelped "It worked, it worked!" Before looking up and seeing that all the the children were gone! He screeched and pushed a button on the wall. But not before he realised he had pushed the wrong one!

Suddenly all the teachers seemed to be sucked into the portal

By Amy (Wellington)

to the land of Far Away. But one remained. The principal! He cornered the children. There was no escape. In fear, one of them leaned against the wall... the wall of buttons! Suddenly, a laser shot out and zapped the principal right in the eye! Then he promptly turned into a bunny! The children all went home and that is the end of our story!